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Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer is used in wavelength-division multiplexing systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals. It can multiplex several low-bandwidth streams of data into a single light beam, and simultaneously drop or remove other low-bandwidth signals from the streams of data and direct them to other network routers. Add/drop multiplexers can be used for both CWDM and DWDM optical networks.

CWDM OADM is designed to optically add/drop one or multiple CWDM channels into one or two fibers. Our CWDM OADM Modules includes 1CH CWDM OADM, 2CH CWDM OADM, 4CH CWDM OADM, 8CH CWDM OADM, 16CH CWDM OADM. Available in Plastic ABS box, 19" Rack Mount or LGX module package. Whether your network has 1 or 2 cores of fiber, redundant network, ring or linear network design etc. we can offer various OADM configurations to tailor fit your network architect.

CWDM OADM is designed to optically add/drop one or multiple DWDM channels into one or two fibers. Bi-Di...

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CWDM OADM Bi-Directional Simplex Fiber series can drop & add up to eight CWDM channels into one fiber. They support both west and east network at the same time "Add" ...

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Directional Duplex fiber CWDM OADM series are designed to optical add/drop one to eight multiple CWDM channels into two fibers. They support bi-directional transmission, west and e...

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Completely passive CWDM optical add/drop multiplexer can Add or drop 1 to 16 CWDM channels in either di...

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